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Most entrepreneurs are focused on starting up their own business, and may buy or sell a company once or twice in their careers. Through my network, The Harbour Club, I teach you how to buy and sell companies with no experience and no cash upfront. My passion for changing the mindset about wealth creation has helped entrepreneurs across the globe do hundreds of lucrative deals. Grab a copy of one of my books for even more information about my strategies.

I was blown away! Really enjoyed it. Worth 10 times the investment for sure.


Corporate M&A Specialist with The 12 Year Experience

My Journey

I’ve always been entrepreneurial. I was the annoying kid at school trying to sell you stuff. But several experiences really poured fuel over the fire in my belly.


The first was the death of my 14-year-old brother when I was 10, which gave me massive anxiety around my own mortality. 

I channeled that into a drive to be all I could be. I dropped out of school at 15 to pursue my first business. 

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