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About Jeremy:


Jeremy Harbour lives in Mallorca Spain and is actively involved in buying and selling SME companies in the UK and teaching M&A tactics (specialising in distressed businesses) in Europe and Asia.


He has been runner up Coutts entrepreneur of the year 3 times, appeared on the money channel, has mentored for the princes trust and been involved in the Prince's Trust fundraising committee, he has been invited to Buckingham Palace and the House of Commons, been interviewed for the Telegraph, Sunday Times and Financial Times, has written articles for Men's Health & The Sharp Edge magazine, has sponsored the Gumball Rally and founded the Harbour Club in 2009 to provide experiential training for entrepreneurs looking to learn how to acquire and sell businesses.


Brief History:


During a career spanning over 20 years Jeremy has started many businesses and has grown an organisation to 130+ employees with £10m + revenues, more recently he has also completed over 20 company acquisitions, mostly distressed, and many exits. That equates to over 30 deals.


He also has great knowledge of insolvency and company law. He has a gift for creative deal structures that require little or no funding and no bank leverage, and is renowned for being truly sector agnostic with business interests as diverse as a health club and spa, music school, IT support, telecoms, training, business process outsourcing, cleaning, air conditioning & a cooking school to name a few.


Previous speaking engagements:


Jeremy has been key note speaker at a number of events with audience sizes up to 700, and is speaking in Spain, London, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2010. His Harbour Club groups and EO groups tend to be between 5 – 10 and he provides really frank and open information including numerous case studies.

In The Media


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Jeremy Harbour‘s Article in Men's Health

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Diary in Sharp Edge Magazine

Watford Business Awards

Prince's Trust Marathon Month

Unity sponsors Gumball Rally 2005

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